Lanbena Teeth Whitening Mousse Dental Tools .

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Lanbena Teeth Whitening Mousse Dental Tools Tooth Whitening Oral Care White Teeth Toothpaste Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste


100% Brand New and High Quality!

Type: Oral Care

Effect: In addition to eliminating odor and eliminating bacteria. More importantly, can whiten your teeth

Benefits: 8 plant extracts, root problems to solve oral problems

Color: 1 Colors for choose


NET WT: 60ml

Packaged in Single Package



Wash mouth and teeth brushing

Clean teeth spots, breath freshening, teeth whitening, emails enhancement, oral lesion repair

Czyszczenia wagi

Teeth stain repair

For cleaning teeth and protecting teeth

Fresh breath

Name of product: Muscle bleaching rinse

Dane techniczne: 2 uncji/60 ml

Effects: clean teeth spots, refresh breathing, whiten teeth, strengthen emails, repair oral damage.

Składniki: Aqua/wody, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (lukrecji) ekstrakt z korzenia, Camellia Sinensis Leaf shape, gliceryna, glikol propylenowy, mentol, tymol, Sorbitol, tymianek kamfory.

Shelf -life: three years

Comments: 1. Oral jam only, do not swallow.

2. If you have an allergy, stop using it and ask for it to be resolved and contact your doctor immediately.

Is it troublesome to make a toothbrush?

New application for traditional toothpaste. Squeeze the mouse with gentle pressure.

Bleach Repairs

Keep your mouth fresh at all times, anywhere!

Wzmocnienie emalia

Refresh breath

Brush your teeth

Clean teeth

To repair the oral damage

01. Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch

This can kill two of the main bacteria responsible for dental loss and two of the bacteria that promote the gums of the disease, which gives teeth whitening while providing anti -inflammatory and anti -bacterial properties.

02. Camellia sinensis

It helps to fuse the protein into the hard tooth tissue, creates a protective layer, softens the teeth of allergy, and reduces the occurrence of the plaque and the tooth, while effectively preventing bad breath.

Mm -hmm. Mental

This can effectively remove bacteria and dental stones that cause tooth decay, whiten, while strengthening teeth, relieve tooth pain and freshen your breath.

New traditional toothpaste

Help you solve eight of the main attractions in their teeth problems

Yellow teeth

Teeth stains


Muscle swelling

Uncommon Respiration

Black teeth

A toothache

Teeth for allergy sufferers

Niesamowity efekt

Removal of teeth spots and fresh breath

2 -in -1 butelka

Fix different tooth problems effectively

Zob Folder

Fluid for oral lavage

Before use

After 14 days

After 28 days,


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